People and Principles before Profits


The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about the relationship they share with Orlando Invests/Phil's Real Estate Solutions. If you know of any more, or if you would like to share your own experience, please send a note to 

Todd and Amy, Casselberry,FL

Dear Phil and Clare, This quote by John Wesley must be the mantra by which you live: "Do all the good you can by all the means you can all the people you can as long as ever you can." I can say with certainly that Todd and I have been the benefactors of your goodness from the first day that we met you. Thank you for being there during this critical time in our lives. We thought it would be so easy to sell our house in Casselberry when we moved back north with Todd's job transfer. We are eternally grateful for your help in getting us out from making two mortgage payments every month. We will commit ourselves to live by the same mantra of love and goodness with the hope that we can be a blessing to someone as you have been to us. Love, Amy D.

Tim, Lake Mary,FL

To whom it may concern: I was in a real bind, months behind on my mortgage. I received a letter in the mail from Phil and Clare, and almost threw it out, but something inside me decided to give it a shot. Things didn't seem like they could get any worse. I had already been turned down by two realtors who would not even attempt to sell my house (it needed some work), but Phil and Clare took the job on! They were kind and understanding and did well with communicating with me what was going on. Through their skills of negotiation and years of experience they were able to put a deal together. This was a true blessing. I give all the glory to God for this relief from the burden of a house I could no longer afford and thank Phil and Clare for their hard work to make this happen. I recommend them to anyone looking for relief in this tough economy and wish you the best. Tim B. 

Maria, Oviedo, FL

Dear Phil and Clare, The situation we were in was a mess! I should have seen it coming, being in the business, but the economy blindsided us. What you did for us was better than any Christmas present we ever got. Thank you! Sincerely, Maria G.

Conrad, Longwood, FL 

Hi Phil, It took longer than we expected but you kept on keeping on. I really appreciate your continual updates, especially explaining the delays and what I needed to do to get things straightened out. And you got it done! Thank you. Conrad W.