We are pleased you are considering joining us as a much needed "House Hunter". You can begin making great money in your spare time.

We are Real Estate investors specifically looking for vacant houses in Seminole, Orange and south Volusia counties with no for-sale signs on them. Below is the information you'll need to get started earning extra money.

In today's world there are an untold number of reasons why homes become vacant. Foreclosure, divorce, inheritance, bad tenants,and job transfer are just a few of the reasons. Suffice it to say there are lots of vacant houses out there, and we need your help locating them.

Our "House Hunter" program will allow you to set your own hours and submit properties right from your computer via the internet. This is a great opportunity for students, moms with young children (You can drive around with them napping in the back seat), retired folks, or anyone looking to make extra money.

The most effective way to locate as many vacant houses as possible in as little time as possible is to plan your route before you go and keep track of where you've been so you don't waste time and gas. You can look for vacant properties any time of the day, any day of the week. So think about your schedule and decide when your best opportunity is. Then stick to that.

A great resource to keep you from wasting time is Google Maps (http://maps.google.com). You can print out a map of the area you want to cover and then highlight the streets you've seen. You can also use it on your smart phone.  Another option for this is a cheap map from the local gas station and a highlighter.  Again, the idea is not to waste time.

Keep in mind that it is productive to re-visit neighborhoods and streets about every 3 or 4 months. The reason is that houses go vacant all the time. So, what's occupied today could be vacant in the next few days, weeks or months. So plan to rotate through areas 3 or 4 times per year.

What to Look For:
----Obvious signs of neglect
----Overgrown yard
----Boarded up
----Broken Windows
----Pile of newspapers in driveway or on porch
----Overstuffed mailbox
---Missing electrical meter
----No curtains or blinds
----Broken windows and doors

What We Need From You:
-----Property Address:  Include house number, street and city.
-----That's all we need.  We'll take it from here.

-----Bonus $100.00 (if we buy it) for owner's contact information.

To submit a property, send any information you have  to Clare@PhilsRESolutions.com.  You will hear back from us within 24 hours.

For each that we purchase, we will pay you $500. We will send a check to the address you provide after we close on the property.

Here are a few things that will disqualify a house from becoming a usable/payable lead:
-----A For Sale By Owner sign or Real Estate Agent's sign in the yard.
-----Undesirable neighborhood.

-----A house that has already been sent to us by another House Hunter.

You can email us at Clare@PhilsRESolutions.com  should you have any questions.  If you are ready to go, please fill out the form below.  We will get back to you as soon as we are able, certainly within 24 hours.

To your success!

~Phil and Clare Colamarino